Citation Guide: MLA Format

If you are a student wondering how to cite dissertation MLA (Modern Language Association) style, then keep reading. This article discusses how to cite a thesis MLA style/citing a dissertation MLA style.

How to Cite a Thesis in MLA Style/How to Cite a Dissertation MLA

MLA Citation Thesis: Write Out the Author’s Surname and Page Number

Now for some other citation styles, you have the freedom to decide whether or not to include a page number. If you are paraphrasing the entire source, you may not include a page number. If you are quoting a direct statement, you may include a page number. However, in a thesis MLA/MLA dissertation, including a page number is important.

Here is how:

First of all, open your parentheses and write out the author’s surname. Next, type a space, write out the page number and close the parentheses.

For example, (Sheepbottom 81).

If two or three people authored the work, write out their surnames and page number. For example, (Sheepbottom, Leg, and Puke, 81 – 83).

If four or more people authored the work, write out their surnames and page number. For example, (Sheepbottom et al. 81).

Note, this citation should always come at the end of the information and before the final full stop.

MLA Dissertation Citation/MLA Thesis Citation: Citing Sources Without an Author’s Name

While citing a source with its author’s name is easy for some students, citing one without the name of the author is a bit tricky. However, you do not have to worry if your source does not come with the name of its author. This is because you can still cite your source all the same. To cite a source without an author, just write out the title of the source in quotes and the page number in parentheses. You can also shorten the source title while adding its page number. However, if your source is from a website or one without pages, simply write out only the title in quotes.

For example, (“Do You Include Ph.D. in MLA Citation?” 90) for sources without authors

(“How to Cite a Dissertation MLA 8”) for sources without page numbers.

MLA Cite Dissertation: Citing the Same Source Multiple Times

Sometimes, you may get useful information from the same source. Thus, you will need to cite it multiple times. To do so, simply write out the first information and cite the author and page number in parentheses. For the second information from the same source, write only the page number.

For example, “Where does the thesis go in MLA format? It is simply arranged according to standard (Sheepbottom 81). The MLA thesis format is one that schools ignore thus making it difficult for students who are unfamiliar with it (90).

Still, you may want to cite a new source in between the information of your first source. All you have to do is cite the new source appropriately and cite your old source again.

For example, “Citing dissertation MLA style is not as popular (Sheepbottom 85). This is the same problem as citing a thesis MLA style (88). That is why an MLA thesis example is an important guide for the student (Puke 62). An example will show you how to cite thesis MLA style (Sheepbottom 57).

Cite a Thesis MLA: Cross-check with Your Teacher or Supervisor

The thesis MLA format that this article has given you is one that is common and accepted in academic writing. However, if your research is advanced, then you may need to include more information. This information could be the number of the chapters, the book’s edition(s), among others. You can then consult the MLA Guide Book to help you or ask your lecturer for further information.

MLA Works Cited Thesis

MLA Dissertation Cite: Write out the Author and Title of the Source

Start by writing out the surname of the author(s), followed by a comma and then the author'(s) first name. If there is no author’s look b V name, you can skip that part. Next, write the title of the source in full and in italics. For example:

“Sheepbottom, Elle. MLA Citing a Thesis.”

Cite Thesis MLA: Specify If It is a Source Within a Source

Some sources usually refer to other sources in their work. If you use these other sources and not the original source, then you have to specify this after writing the original title. However, the original title will be in quotes while the other will be in italics.

For example, ‘Sheepbottom, Elle. “MLA Citing a Thesis” MLA Citation Dissertation.’

Write out the Edition, Publisher, and Date

For example, ‘Sheepbottom, Elle. “MLA Citing a Thesis” MLA Citation Dissertation. Vol. 5, no. 3. 14 June 2021 DOI:


Now, you learned how to cite a thesis paper MLA. This article has answered any possible questions about MLA format dissertation. Knowing how MLA format thesis works will help in your future research writing. Make sure to follow the rules carefully and your papers will be always successful.


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