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When writing one, you may be asked to cite your dissertation chicago style. Or you may be asked to cite thesis chicago style. The chicago manual of style dissertation is unique in its own way, thus differentiating it from other citation styles. In this article, you will learn how to cite a dissertation chicago style. So, keep reading to learn how to cite a thesis Chicago Style/Chicago Style Dissertation Citation.

The Chicago citation style has two formats which this article will be showing you. Each of these formats has its distinguishing features. However, before you use the Chicago citation style, you must first ask your lecturer or supervisor which one they want you to use.

How to Cite Dissertation Chicago Style/Chicago Cite Dissertation: Citing One Author or Organization

When citing a piece of information from a work either quoted directly or paraphrased, put the author’s surname and year of publication in parentheses. Now, for most citation styles, there is usually a comma after the author’s surname. In the Chicago citation style, there is no use for a comma. Simply open parentheses, write the author’s surname, leave a space, write the year of publication and close parentheses. For example, (Dogwell 2021).

Also, the same format applies if you are citing an organization. For example, (Federal Institute of Foreign Research 2021).

Citing a Thesis Chicago/Dissertation Citation Chicago: Add the Page Number of Specific Information

Sometimes, you may just paraphrase a whole source and use that for information. However, in some cases, you may need specific information. In such cases, add the page number. This will make it easier for your reader to reference what you are writing. First of all, open your parentheses and write the author’s surname. Next, add a space and then write the year of publication. Finally, add a comma, write the page number and close the parentheses. For example, (Dogwell 2021, 126)

Citing Dissertation Chicago Style: Citing Two or Three Authors

Now, citing a single work that was written by two or three authors has a different format. First of all, write out the surnames of each author in the order that they appear in the publication. Next, use a comma to separate all three authors’ surnames. Then put the year of publication. However, do not use a comma to separate the last author’s surname from the publication year. For instance, (Dogwell, Sheepbottom, and Termaite 2021).

Chicago Style Dissertation: Citing Four or More Authors

To cite four or more authors, there is no need to mention the surnames of all authors. All you need to do is simply mention the surname of the first author, followed by a space. After that, you add a full stop and then the year of publication.

For example, (Dogwell et al. 2021).

Chicago Style Citation Dissertation: Citing Authors With the Same Surname

Sometimes, when citing an academic work, you may discover that two or more authors bear the same surname. This is not unusual. It may be confusing to cite to you but a Chicago citation style has a way to handle this. To cite authors with the same surname, first of all, open parentheses. Secondly, write the initial of their first name first. Next, add a full stop and write their surname. After that, leave a space and write the year they published their work.

For example, (D. Dogwell 2021) (C. Dogwell 2021).

Chicago Dissertation Citation/Chicago Style Thesis: Citing an Author with Different Publications of the Same Year

If you come across this, it may seem confusing to you. For some students, the next thing is to simply look for an alternative: other publications that have different authors. For you, you may not be able to do that. Sometimes, only certain publications contain the exact information that you need. So, to make sure the reader as well as yourself understand what you are citing, you need to make a clear distinction. All you need to do is just write a small letter “a” “b” or “c” to each citation. Here is how:

First of all, open your parentheses and write the author’s surname. Next, put a space and then write the year of publication. After that, add your letters and close the parentheses. For example, (Dogwell 2021a), (Dogwell 2021b), (Dogwell 2021c).

How to Cite a Dissertation in Chicago Style: Citing Multiple Information at Once

Sometimes, you may need information from two or more publications in one sentence. There is no need to be confused with how to cite this. Simply cite and separate with a semi-colon. Here is how:

First of all, open your parentheses and write the name and year of the first author. Next, add a semicolon and then write the name and year of the second author. For example, (Dogwell 2021; Sheepbottom 2020; Termaite 2019).

How to Cite Thesis Chicago/Citing a Dissertation Chicago: Conclusion

With the explanation in this article, you now know how to cite dissertation chicago.

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